White can push through Black's position, and Black is doom. And gloom. ―Hyeyeon Cho, Opening Lecture

Polish Translation

Posted ponad 5 lat ago

Dariusz Polański has provided a totally sweet Polish translation for Joseki Farm. Just click the "Polski" link in the top right to start using it.

As special thanks, we would like to present Dariusz with a very epic video we found on YouTube.

maniakgo, ponad 5 lat ago:
charles a, prawie 5 lat ago:

What do the four different types of points mean?

benni3d, około 4 lat ago:

I like the Idea of this Game but it has two design flaws...

1. You are relying on the Kogo's Joseki Dictionary which means you can´t always pass when the joseki actually is over, since the Kogo's Joseki Dictionary has some follow ups on many josekis. And since you get 0 points when you pass to early which means you have to remember for which Joseki the Kogo's Joseki Dictionary has a follow up instead of knowing when a joseki is actually over. Getting 0 points, even when you did pass at the right time is so frustrating which takes away the fun to play this game.

I would suggest that you either fix your Dictionary, so that you can pass, when a joseki is actually over or that you still get some points even when you pass to early. Maybe this could be lik a warning instead of an error which would be displayed in yellow instead of red...

2. As a Joseki learning tool this is not really a good fit, because the Josekis seem to apear randomly, like joesiks that you know very easy apear as often as josekis that you did not know, for the purpose of learning Josekis, a Joseki that you did not know should be displayed shortly after your last false attemp so solve this Joseki. This would help to remember this Joseki and it would also limit the amount of joesik that are displayed in a early stage while you start playing this game, which also help to remember these Josekis.

Anyway I am a software developer and your Projekt gives me some Ideas how to make a slightley improved version of a projekt like this. If it happens that I do not see any improvements on this issues I think I probably will do a projekt like this on my one...

john barrington, około 2 lat ago:

I need to know always what the correct move is. I have gotten to the end correctly twice out of100 times!

john barrington, około 2 lat ago:

There is amessage that scrolls acrossthe screenattheendtoofastand tooshortfotmetoread.Slow it dow n .

eyestry, ponad rok ago:

pls add the knew alpha go josekis would be great :D

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Hello, and welcome to joseki farm

Posted około 6 lat ago

Welcome to Joseki Farm! We are pleased that so many people are playing and enjoying Joseki Farm already. Joseki Farm is still in development, so there may be some bugs or rough spots. With your help, we are sure Joseki Farm will become a truly fun and excellent game. So without further ado, here are some frequently asked questions:

elathalion, około 6 lat ago:

Do you plan to implement account statistics? So I can see what my best series without error is and which type of joseki I perform well/badly in?

horstfuchs, około 6 lat ago:

so awesome. You can think about starting variations with a ladder-breaker for one side

winggnut, około 6 lat ago:

Good stuff. It would be nice if there were an option to practice one joseki multiple times.

leopika, około 6 lat ago:

You're stuff is great, except that now we don't have any more excuses for not studying joseki like 'That's just too boring, man!' or 'And what if your opponent do something you didn't learn, you moron!'

Just an idea which would make it perfect though: a training mode where you could choose a certain type of joseki to study by selecting the first few moves (from just the corner stone to whatever). That would be a mode without any points, of course, so maybe the opponent would respond randomly(?)

nascent, ponad 5 lat ago:

Awesome joseki tutor! One hairsplitting nitpick: perhaps you could change "Pass" to "Tenuki". One feature request: Offer to show possible continuations (if there is one or more) after someone correctly completes a variation. OR offer a "Review Joseki" option that shows where the person could have chosen a different variation after someone correctly completes a variation.

ilq, około 5 lat ago:

How sound off?

charles a, prawie 5 lat ago:

What do the four different types of points mean?

arzach, prawie 5 lat ago:

Allow us to choose who plays first / random

aswift5, ponad 3 lat ago:

I think it would be useful to allow users to walk through the joseki once they have gotten it wrong. It does not act as a learning tool if there is no follow up or review as to what the proper sequence is. Right now its basically, you got it wrong, but you don't get to see the proper sequence, just the next move. Its a poor way to teach joseki.

aswift5, ponad 3 lat ago:

Basically, you can't succeed at joseki farm unless you already know the joseki. This defeats its purpose as a learning tool.

translae google, około 3 lat ago:

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translae google, około 3 lat ago:


translae google, około 3 lat ago:


john barrington, około 2 lat ago:

Ditto to most or all criticisms. Usually I can see the advantage in A but sometimes at the end there is no A.

I need to rehearse the same jo so I eventually learn it.

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