I thought to myself that the inspiration comes into being when I try to draw my imagination within myself. ―Hyeyeon Cho, Opening Lecture

joseki farm

Joseki farm is all about you, the player. It's also all about pineapples.

the creators

Peter de Blanc and Joshua Tsubaki Wu.


Yūichirō Suzuki, Dariusz Polański.


Move sequences are from Kogo's Joseki Dictionary.

Our background image is drawn by matty4z of DeviantArt.

The girl is a public-domain image uploaded by jsks on pixabay.

The goban wood texture is a public domain image by Titus Tscharntke.

The bananas icon is a public domain image uploaded by OpenClips on pixabay.

The coins icon is a public domain image uploaded by Nemo on pixabay.

Stone placement sounds were recorded by lebcraftlp and uploaded to freesound.org.

Pass sound was created by fins and uploaded to freesound.org.

Correct sequence chords were recorded by sergeeo and uploaded to freesound.org.

Special thanks to Linden Chiu, a strong player we must all seek to emulate.